Monday, September 7, 2009

An old schooler's take on Dragonlance

There is many things I like with DL:
-- An intolerant order of sorcerers who hunt down all MU who don't want to join and obey.
-- The three orders of knighthood.
-- Draconians.
-- The post-apocalyptic fantasy feel.

There is likewise many things I don't like:
-- Ansalon is too small for my taste (but relatively easy to double all distances)
-- I hate Kenders and Tinker gnomes, I really hate them.
-- I dislike minotaurs and would replace them with Greyhawk's Scarlet Brotherhood.
-- I dislike the timeline after the war of the lance (easily discarded)
-- I dislike priests have no spells during the war of the lance. (Nonetheless, also easily houseruled: priests of ancient deities would have been specialty priests ala 2e, but don't exist anymore. However, druids and clerics are available as PCs, though rare as NPCs; clerics would be akin to later 3e DL mystics.)

Last: I would have the half-orc race being hobgoblins instead, and playable as such in the setting.

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