Thursday, January 22, 2009

Old School Primer: For Players

Tips for Players
1) View the entire area you’ve mapped out as the battleground; don’t plan on taking on
monsters in a single room. They may try to outflank you by running down corridors.
Establish rendezvous points where the party can fall back to a secure defensive position.
2) Scout ahead, and try to avoid wandering monsters which don’t carry much treasure.
You’re in the dungeon to find the treasure-rich lairs. Trying to kill every monster you
meet will weaken the party before you find the rich monsters.
3) Don’t assume you can defeat any monster you encounter.
4) Keep some sort of map, even if it’s just a flow chart. If you get lost, you can end up in
real trouble – especially in a dungeon where wandering monster rolls are made
5) Ask lots of questions about what you see. Look up. Ask about unusual stonework.
Test floors before stepping.
6) Protect the magic-user. He’s your nuke.
7) Hire some cannon fodder. Don’t let the cannon fodder start to view you as a weak
source of treasure.
8) Spears can usually reach past your first rank of fighters, so a phalanx of hirelings
works well.
9) Check in with the grizzled one-armed guy in the tavern before each foray; he may have
suddenly remembered more details about the area.

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