Friday, February 27, 2009

Caraousing Rules and Mishaps

Jeff Rient has some fun carousing rules. The full post includes more details, including a carousing mishaps table, but here's the basic mechanics.

From Jeff's gamblog:

"At the beginning of a session if a PC is hanging around Ye Olde Village Inne with nothing better to do, they can roll 1d6 and spend 100gp times the roll on liquor and/or lechery. The character gains experience equal to the gold spent. The d6 x 100 standard applies to villages only. A PC could travel to a town or city and debauch much more efficiently. Towns are worth d8 x 150 gp/xp and cities d10 x 200. The city of Hautville is worth d12 x 250 owing to its extreme wickedness."

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